Financial Advisors


We are proud to be the exclusive source for the 401(k) Sales Champion Workshop in the Eastern Pennsylvania area.  401(k) Sales Champion Workshop is an online professional development tool for Advisors.


What is the Workshop?

  • 7-step plan that will help you cultivate and close more 401(k) sales opportunities
  • Online access, anytime on any device
  • Best Practices to grow and improve your 401(k) business
  • 36 video segments covering 109 topics
  • Personalized help, just click "contact your coach" - your questions will be answered by a Certified Pension Consultant. 



How can I register?

This valuable program is available free to you from GF Pension Corp.  Click here to send us an email and we will provide you with your unique username and password. 

Whether your are new to the qualified plan arena or have a current book of business with us, we want to work with our Advisor partners and help you to close business.